A peripheral is a device that communicates with the CPU, but is not essential for the PC to operate. This includes a wide variety of PC components including monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, game controllers, scanners, media drives and speakers.

  • Monitor

    A monitor is the display device used for video output. The most common PC monitor technologies are CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Monitors continued...

  • Keyboard

    A keyboard, along with the mouse, is the main input device of a PC. A standard PC keyboard contains 104 keys. The computer keyboard is based on the typewriter keyboard and is used to control the functions of a PC. Keyboards continued...

  • Mouse

    A mouse is the peripheral fitted with various buttons that controls the movement of the cursor on screen. The mouse contains a device that translates the movement of the mouse on a flat surface to the movement of the cursor. Mouse continued...

  • Printer

    A printer is a device used for printing output from your PC onto paper or other forms of media. There are many types of printers and they connect to a PC in various ways including USB, serial port, parallel port, firewire and networked printers. Printers continued...
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